Casio TE-7000S Overview

TE-7000's combines it's large color operator LCD with such features as, scanning, food stamps, bottle links, 3 serial ports and the ability to communicate with Casio's Back Office Software Packages.

Large Multi-Line Color LCD
Compact Flash Card Interface
Multi-purpose keys

Innovative cash registers with color multi-line LCD screen for easy to operate and quick operation.

Stroke Key Keyboard


Color display patterns can be
customized with your choice.

Selectable 3 different default color
patterns or free color letter / frame design

Color pattern (1)
           Color pattern (2)
          Color pattern (3)
Operator display with tilt mechanism

Operator display unit can be adjusted to fit your best readable angle.

( Receipt sample)
  • Fast Silent Printer
  • 58mm thermal receipt and journal printer with fast printing lines
  • Auto cutter for receipt printer
  • Drop-in paper loading mechanism for easy handling of paper roll
  • Graphic logo and Watermark logo offers rich image to your customer



(Drop-in paper loading Mechanism)
Graphic logo, water mark graphic logo, double height character
Multipurpose key layout
  • Multipurpose keys are located on the keyboard with pre-assigned functions.
  • These keys are possible to customize of its functionality as well as slide-in template to identify each functions.
CF card Interface

CF(Compact Flash card) interface is equipped as standard for data back up and restore.

Com ports  

Four serial ports

  • Com 1: PC direct / Modem communication
  • Com 2: Scanner, remote printer and slip printer
  • Com 3: Remote display, remote printer or slip printer
  • Com 4: Remote printer or slip printer
In-line ports  

Selectable CASIO In-line cable or CAT5 cable.
The TE-7000S and TE-8500F Inline added capability to use LAN cable "CAT5" make it easy and simple wiring since "CAT5"(category5) cable is widely used for these days.

  • Arcnet with CASIO Inline cable
  • Arcnet with CAT5 cable with In-line terminator on/off switch
Dallas key  

Optional device for the operator identification.

Customer display  
  • Pop up customer display with 10 digits numeric LED.
  • Optional customer display with 2 lines x 20 alpha numeric display.
Option List    
Model Name
 CLK-K22  Dallas Clerk key kit (6 clerks)
 UP-360  External thermal type printer
 PS-180  Power supply unit for Epson TM-88 thermal printer
 MDL-11  Multi-drawer kit
 QT-2061S  Pole for QT-2163D
 QT-2162S  5m cable set for remote display
 QT-2163D  Remote display
 SH-KIT10  Sheet holder kit (No.3 to 4) one holder (TE-8500F)
 SP-1300  Slip printer
 PRT-CB-8C  Slip printer cable
 PRL-CB-2  PC link cable

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