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Location: 8955 Haven North Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97203

Located between Colombia Drive and  North Lombard, about 5 miles west of PDX, on the western boundary of the new Colombia Villa, six blocks North of US 30 (N. Lombard). Turn at the Taco Bell intersection of N. Lombard & N. Haven Avenue.

Lucky Cash Register (LCR) is a Northwest Portland business dedicated to a personal service experience for those business owners who come to us seeking a solution for the unique needs of their particular type of establishment.

We sell only brand names that you can trust. Our most asked for brand is Casio which is why we opted to become a Authorized Casio Dealer.

From the beginning of this company we have always been able to match the appropriate type cash register system to the exacting needs of our customer.  This means that we will not insist that you buy a machine that is to complicated for your particular types of transactional needs.  LCR will evaluate your current business operational style and then LCR will custom tailor the system installation to your one of a kind situation.

On the other hand, when a customer picks a machine for his or her business, we try to insure that the cash register system picked can do not only what is required  for the business owner today but we try to match our clients with a system that will serve the future needs of their business establishments.

Lucky Cash Register is about service and how we can provide our services to your business in a prompt and timely manner.

We look forward to our continued service to our existing and new customers in the Salem & Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA metropolitan areas.

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Last modified: 21 June 2012