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Hi, I am Lucky and this was when I was just a cute little puppy.

Lucky wants to share more Cash Register Facts with you concerning a clean machine.

Do you know ???……………
The best way to clean your register without causing problems???

Over the years I have found that each type of work environment needs different cleaners.

A place where there is much oil in the air, such as a restaurant, one would use a mild degreaser of some sort. Use it sparingly and NEVER spray anything (I mean anything!!! NO WD40, 409, Fantastic, Lemon Pledge, Windex, etc. ) directly on your machine. Instead, spray it on a clean rag or small towel. Before you use anything to clean your machine make sure it wont hurt it, so use a small spot to test. The inside of the printer cover would be good.

On the tougher spots use a damp toothbrush. On it I spray a little cleaner like 409 or what ever you prefer for a cleaner. Then with a clean rag blot the toothbrush on the rag. Then proceed with cleaning your machine. Other places, such as a gift store, use a can of compressed air and blow away the dust in short bursts. When you are done use the same procedure to clean the rest of the machine. After that is done, the way you get that showroom shine you need a plastic polish like Novus or McGuires. On metal that is not aluminum use Never Dull. This is a wadding polish and its great for all kind of polishing needs. It's good on brass, bronze and it's good for removing old tape from your register.

Remember to buff the polish off the machine and you will be surprised that your older machine can still look good. Another good cleaning agent is WD40. This stuff takes off tape and sticky stuff. NEVER use it for lubricating purposes. This stuff gums up like syrup. To remove stubborn tape …find a hard piece of plastic and file down an edge till it's sharp and use that to scrape the tape off. It is the belief of cash register technicians that a shop clerk's favorite pastime is putting tape on the machine.

This is a good primer on register cleaning. It's really nothing secret and most register techs are always glad to share their knowledge of keeping your machine in good running order. You count on your register and your register counts for you.

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